Northville - Placid Trail Thru Hike Planning

This 138-mile trail runs through some of the most remote backcountry in the Northeast, tracing a journey through the heart of Adirondacks as it travels from the village of Northville to the town of Lake Placid.
The trail showcases the remoteness of the Adirondacks; travelling mostly through lake country. The single highest point of the trail is at 3008 feet, just south of Long Lake, which features a 1200-foot ascent & descent over a ridge.
I can help you plan this adventure as a 9-13 day end-to-end trip, or in segments. Daily hiking mileage, detailed gear and clothing lists, food suggestions, help with shuttles (see below for fees) and help with re-supplies (see below for fees) can be provided.

Cost is $300.00 per person for the entire "thru-hike" preparation with shuttles and re-supply help extra.


✓ Shuttle cost for 4 people is $250.00 additional - Meeting you at the finish of the trail in Averyville where you will leave your vehicle. The shuttle will then move you and your gear to the start of your hike in Northville (or for shorter sections to Piseco, Wakely Dam, or Lake Durant).

✓ Re-supply service is for one exchange location. Choices are Piseco, Wakely Dam, or Lake Durant for your re-supply location. The price for this re-supply service is $230.00 per trip additional.

✓ Re-supply service will include guidance with lists of specific items to include for making an efficient exchange.

✓ Dogs can be accommodated but may incur additional fees.